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Smart Stabilizer system for Tallink

Cruise and passenger transport company Tallink is to integrate the Pinfabb_ECO Smart Stabilizers software system on board a vessel operating between Sweden and Latvia.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}This is the first ship in the world to use the Smart Stabilizers function, which manages the extension or housing of one or two stabilising fins automatically, reacting to weather conditions to reduce the drag and breaking effect of the stabilisers when in operation.

“We are very proud to cooperate with Tallink, a company that is well oriented into energy efficiency and into smart ship maintenance,” said Matt Fabbricotti, Pinfabb VP of operations and developer of the software.

“The cooperation with the crew and with the management has been brilliant and precious to obtain such a good result as the 0.25 knots improvement on cruise speed when sailing with ECO software mode.”{/mprestriction}

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