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ABS-NS tanker vetting module in testing

  • Friday, 12 October 2007 | News

ABS Nautical Systems reports that is to begin industry beta-testing of a new tanker vetting module by the end of this year, with the expectation that it will be commercially available in 2008.

The new module is being developed with input and guidance from Overseas Shipholding Group (OSG), an existing ABS Nautical Systems client.

ABS-NS says it believes this to be the first module of a fully integrated fleet management software system that will have been developed in concert with industry that specifically addresses the vetting function to which all tanker and tanker operators are subject.

Chris Flanagan, OSG Vice President, said "One of OSG's key operating concerns is the tanker vetting process. It requires a software solution that recognizes that one size does not fit all. The NS 5 approach gives the needed flexibility to companies to customise their fields."

The new vetting module is being developed with the aim of helping tanker operators improve the timeliness and accuracy of their responses to observations that are made during a vetting inspection as well as supporting improved use of data to encourage better preparation in advance of future vettings.

The new software is being developed with the flexibility to load protocol for a number of different vetting processes, including the OCIMF SIRE standards and the CDI (chemical ship) standards.

The system will also link with the ABS' new NS 5 Root Cause Analysis module so that owners will be able to more easily investigate underlying causes of any problems that may be identified by the vetting process.

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