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Globalstar satellite launch set for October 21

  • Friday, 19 October 2007 | News

Globalstar has announced that October 21, 2007 will be the scheduled date for the launch of four new Globalstar first-generation ground spare satellites.

These four satellites, together with its four satellites that were launched on May 30th, will be used to augment the company's current first-generation LEO (low earth orbit) satellite constellation.

Globalstar has invested more than $120 million for the two 2007 launches of four satellites each by the Russian-European launch services company Starsem.

Like the previous launch in May of this year, this launch will be conducted from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, using the Soyuz launch vehicle which Starsem has used to successfully launch a total of twenty-eight Globalstar satellites.

"Now that the launch team has arrived at the Cosmodrome, I would like to thank Starsem and its contractors as well as Space Systems/Loral, the prime contractor for the first generation satellites and their sub-contractor Thales Alenia Space for facilitating the deliveries of the launch vehicle and the spacecraft," said Tony Navarra, president of global operations for Globalstar.

Mr. Navarra added, "We are eagerly anticipating this launch as these satellites will really serve a dual role for Globalstar. Although they represent the completion of our current generation space segment, these satellites along with the four launched earlier this year, will also facilitate a seamless transition into our second-generation constellation beginning in 2009."

Globalstar plans to integrate the eight first-generation satellites launched in 2007 and potentially other, older first-generation satellites into the replacement constellation, which is designed to be compatible with the current Globalstar satellites and products.

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