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CARIS desktop ENC production software

  • Friday, 25 January 2008 | News

CARIS has announced the worldwide availability of S-57 Composer, a desktop software application that it says can be used for electronic chart production.

Through a product creation wizard, users can define the parameters of the chart they wish to produce, import and manipulate source data, perform QC checks and then export an Exchange Set.

The application will be shipped with support for creating ENC (electronic navigational charts) 3.1 and 3.1.1, AML (Additional Military Layers) 1.0 and 2.1, IENC (Inland ENC) 2.0 and US IENC 4.0.

Generation of Marine Information Overlays (MIO) and specialty products such as Bathymetric ENCs will also be possible.

"We are extremely proud and excited to provide the latest and most innovative CARIS technology to our desktop customers," explains Hugh Astle, CARIS senior development manager.

"The world's largest hydrographic offices have made the transition to CARIS Hydrographic Production Database (HPD) as the premier solution for database-driven hydrographic production. With the release of S-57 Composer, our desktop users will now have access to the same robust object creation and editing tools that exist in HPD."

Andy Hoggarth, marketing and sales manager, added: "Out of the box, customers want a powerful chart production environment, with all editing and quality control functionality in a single application. We have developed a very competitive pricing structure to allow electronic chart products to make the transition to S-57 Composer as easy as possible."

Existing HOM ENC and AML users with up-to-date maintenance will receive S-57 composer free of charge. For new users which have not yet made the transition to the CARIS Ping-to-Chart workflow there is a six-month introductory offer of S-57 Composer for a cost equivalent to one year of maintenance.

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