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PC-based engine training program launched

  • Friday, 17 August 2007 | News

PC Maritime has released a new marine diesel engine diagnostic simulator, the Turbo Diesel 4, a PC-based training program that allows users to train in all aspects of engine operation and maintenance.

The system includes 15 hours of ready-made lessons in the accompanying manual to assist instructors and help students get the most out of their training. Training options include Evaluation, Live Run or Replay Run modes.

Evaluation mode allows trainees to change the technical state of the engine elements, as well as the engine load and operating conditions, and can be used for testing the relationship between engine operation conditions or technical state and engine operation parameters.

Live Run mode simulates changes in engine technical state, allowing trainees to carry out maintenance and repair and to change engine speed, but not technical state. Live Runs can be saved and then replayed in Replay Run mode for debriefing and evaluation.

Wallem Shipmanagement is among the first shipping companies to agree to implement the program, having already acquired multiple units of Turbo Diesel 4 for the Wallem Training Centres in the Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Hong Kong.

Designed for Microsoft Windows operating systems, the program is network-enabled and includes free instructor software for LAN installation. It also comes with two in-built 'experts' to advise students - a Setup Expert that explains the relationship between a change in engine setup and a change in operating parameters, and a Maintenance Expert that indicates necessary maintenance and evaluates what maintenance was necessary but not done.

PC Maritime has also announced that it has released an additional three modules for its Engine Room CBT system, computer based software used for engine room plant and machinery simulation and training.

The three new modules, Marine air-conditioning system, EcoStream oily water separation and Basics of hydraulics, complete a library of 28 individual training modules for marine power plant equipment.

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