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AIS touch-screen black box

Cobham SATCOM is opening its order book for its new SAILOR 6280/81 AIS, a ‘black box’ featuring touch screen operation through the SAILOR 6004 control panel. The first delivery of this new Automatic Identification System (AIS) is expected in June.

Cobham says that the black box transponder can be installed wherever is convenient and connected via LAN (using the sophisticated Lightweight Ethernet protocol) to the SAILOR 6004 Control Panel.

The touch interface works the same way as smartphones or tablets. Users can activate a function by tapping the corresponding icon on the display.

The AIS can operate as a standalone navigation aid or as part of an Integrated Navigation System (INS). Both the SAILOR 6280 and 6281 feature the ThraneLINK application interface, designed to ease servicing via the Thrane Management Application (TMA). There is also a built-in diagnostic system.

Both versions come with the SAILOR 6004 control panel and an active GPS antenna. They are designed for all commercial vessels required under SOLAS to carry Class A AIS.

The SAILOR 6280 and 6281 systems work with both GPS and GLONASS and support messages for Long Range Satellite tracking on channel 75 and channel 76.

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