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Dual gyrocompass solution launched

Net-Logic has announced the launch of its new NavWatch Dual Compass Monitor and Selector for use with gyrocompasses.

NavWatch includes an integrated Course Monitor which it says provides system redundancy on any gyrocompass combination from any manufacturer.

Ships over 500gt are required to carry a gyrocompass on board and must employ a fail safe mechanism in case of error. These errors include a streaming error, where rapid changes in a vessel’s course, speed and latitude cause deviation before the gyro can adjust itself.

Net-Logic notes that the best solution to this problem is to carry two gyrocompasses in order to comply with the legal requirements, but due to the high cost of buying two with the required pairing capacity operators often have to rely on other methods.

The company says that NavWatch eliminates this problem by allowing any two gyrocompasses to work together, which gives the vessel the opportunity to select a combination of gyros to suit their needs and budget.

NavWatch comprises three functions.

The first of these is CompassWatch, which monitors input from any combination of gyrocompass pairing and alarms when a threshold is exceeded.

The next is HeadingWatch, which monitors vessel course and alarms when a user definable threshold is exceeded, and the last is DualWatch, a combined display of course and compass monitor.

“Installing NavWatch allows the vessel to use any two gyros in combination regardless of brand or cost," said Jack Robinson, global distribution manager for Net-Logic products.

"We have also added additional features such that monitor your heading while simultaneously monitoring any drift in gyros. The system also lets you know exactly which one of the gyrocompasses produced the error and a simple switch over can avoid a major incident."

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