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TeamSurv gains support from ESA

TeamSurv gains support from ESA Photo: TeamSurv

TeamSurv, a crowd sourcing project to create better nautical charts, has been awarded a place at the Business Incubation Centre (BIC) at Harwell, Oxford by the European Space Agency (ESA).

This provides TeamSurv with finance, with business and technical support, and with office space for the next year, enabling it to grow with the number of vessels and the amount of data produced.

TeamSurv has also come 2nd in the UK arm of the European Satellite Navigation Challenge (ESNC) run by the University of Nottingham’s GNSS Research and Applications Centre of Excellence (GRACE).

TeamSurv notes that the surface of the moon is mapped in more detail than our seabed and considers that crowd sourcing is the best route for filling this data gap.

Having accurate depth data is important for a wide range of applications: safe navigation, scientific and environmental monitoring of the maritime environment, ensuring the sustainability of fishing, providing sea bed data for offshore oil, gas and renewables, and monitoring erosion and movements in the sea bed for planning and managing ports and harbours, dredging and sea defences.

Professional surveys are very expensive (at about £1,500 per square kilometre), and TeamSurv says that many areas of our seas are almost totally unsurveyed, for example over 80 per cent of the Pacific islands. With TeamSurv, mariners log depth and position data whilst they are at sea, and upload the data to the web for processing and display.

With its new resources, TeamSurv plans to upgrade its servers, recruit more participating vessels (with commercial shipping and fishing fleets now joining as well as leisure craft), and provide its data to a wider range of users.

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