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AIS added to Seall Passage Planner

Scotland-based company Jargoon reports that has added an AIS function to its Seall Passage Planner.

The Seall Passage Planner (SPP) software was launched in November 2013. It provides AIS (Automatic Identification System) information by using the SPP Virtual AIS Radar. This feature allows the mariner to access the vessel traffic in any areas within the coverage of the traffic tracking service, and display the collated data during passage planning.

A mouse click or touch gesture will provide a virtual sweep of traffic reporting within a configurable range of the selected point. Passage plans can then be modified to avoid areas of traffic congestion.

“Having an accurate passage plan while being able to monitor other vessels at the same time will be the perfect combination for securing safety at sea and managing your plan efficiently,” said Des Neill, director at Jargoon.

“Seall Passage Planner already encompasses other important components to optimise and increase efficiency in passage planning, but with the latest feature, Seall Passage Planner will become even more powerful.”

In addition to the Virtual AIS radar, there is a search facility that will scan all receivers in the network, allowing a user to search for a given vessel by name or IMO number.

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