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Charting app for iPad

Digital Yacht, a Bristol-based manufacturer of marine electronics, has launched a charting app for iPads and iPhones, NavLink.

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The company says that an iPad with NavLink offers an alternative to a dedicated touchscreen chart plotter. Charts can be presented north up or course up and routes and waypoints are created and edited using the touch screen interface. 

While NavLink is not designed to replace an ECDIS, it can provide real-time navigation information such as current position, track, course, speed, ETA, VMG, bearing and distance to next waypoint. There is an A-B chart ruler too, and users can tap on an object such as a buoy or nav-aid and get a pop up data window of its characteristics.

NavLink can integrate with an onboard GPS system (reducing the iPad’s battery drain compared with using the inbuilt GPS) and AIS system (showing AIS targets and alarms for CPA and TCPA).

Other features include tidal information, weather data from buoys showing current local conditions such as wind speed/direction and swell.

NavLink is offered with UK & Ireland charts included. US charting is also available, and European areas will be added shortly.


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