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New ENC bundles from GNS

GNS Bundle GNS Bundle GNS

Global Navigation Solutions (GNS) is introducing a new way to purchase Electronic Navigation Charts (ENCs) that it says will simplify the process and provide better value for ship operators.

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The GNS Bundle service allows customers to purchase a pre-agreed annual bundle of ENC permits for an individual vessel, with top-ups available if required. The permits have no geographic restrictions, and can be carried over to the following year if unused.

Ship operators pay a fixed cost for the bundle, spread over 12 instalments or paid in a single fee. They also receive free access to Voyager software to manage route planning, ENC inventories, permits and updates, as well as the Admiralty Information Overlay.

GNS claims that because only one order is raised and a single invoice is processed, the administrative burden of ENC management will be reduced.

“We see this as a logical development for the way ENCs are used,” said Hayley Jopson, head of marketing at GNS.

“GNS Bundles can now be purchased on a similar basis to the way mobile phone usage is now bought. It couldn’t be simpler.”

The service has already signed its first customer, with V.Ships’ VLCC tanker Overseas Mulan now using the system.


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