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Rutter updates ice navigation radar

Rutter reports that it has issued major updates to its sigma S6 Ice Navigator radar system, adding an Advanced Ice Analysis capability to offer improved ice detection and tracking as well as other intelligent tools to automatically identify features within ice fields.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}The Advanced Ice Analysis technology makes it possible to identify ice ridges within ice floes and fields, and also to detect and identify icebergs which are embedded in pack ice. The system also detects and outlines open water leads in areas of high sea ice coverage.

Coupled with these new features, which are unique to the sigma S6 Ice Navigator, are two new capabilities available for all sigma S6 systems: Coastline Masking and sigma S6 Connect.

The automatic Coastline Masking feature incorporates a world coastline map, to minimise false positive targets when operating near land. sigma S6 Connect makes sigma S6 data available either on a network directory or through a web interface using open standards, to allow for integration into external systems such as Google Earth Pro, Graphical Information Systems, and ice management systems.

“The maritime industry of today requires solutions that enhance operational awareness and enable the execution of projects safely and efficiently while reducing expenses,” said Rutter CEO, Fraser Edison.

“Rutter has continually developed technology allowing operators to get more information out of their marine radars than is available anywhere else on the market.”{/mprestriction}

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