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Sea Traffic Management project completes operational testing

The route planned on the ship’s Adveto ECDIS (left) was instantly shared with the Kongsberg Shore Centre application (right) The route planned on the ship’s Adveto ECDIS (left) was instantly shared with the Kongsberg Shore Centre application (right)

The STM (Sea Traffic Management) validation project reports that it has completed the first operational tests of its integrated vessel information sharing system with shore centre manufacturers, facilitating data exchange beet two different maritime IT manufacturers’ systems.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}The test began with an Adveto ECDIS system performing a search for Kongsberg Norcontrol Shore Centre services in the service registry. The ship then shared the voyage plan created into the Sea Traffic Management (STM) and Maritime Cloud infrastructure, making it instantly available in the shore centre for checking, monitoring and confirmation.

The key to interoperability between the different systems in the project is a standardised information exchange mechanism, which makes it possible for actors to connect seamlessly without any further collaboration on formats, interfaces or communications methods.

“Connecting the ECDIS with real-time secure services from any STM-compatible service provider on shore can improve the decision-support for bridge officers,” said Kent Sylvén, CEO Adveto.

“I have no doubt that STM also will reduce costs and improve economy for all involved parties. Furthermore I believe that STM also can reduce accident rates.”

The STM test beds will include 300 ships, 13 ports and at least five shore centres, with the ultimate aim of reducing the number of human-related accidents in maritime by more than half.{/mprestriction}

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