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Crew real-time location tracking system launched

Norwegian start-up technology firm ScanReach has launched a new safety system called In:Range, used to locate crews on a vessel or offshore installation in real time.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}The company says that its technology is capable of sending and receiving data signals wirelessly through any structure, including steel, utilising a combination of radio technology and intelligent software algorithms and protocols.

Signals sent from bracelets worn by crew members are picked up by sensors that plug into standard power points. That data is then transmitted in real time to screens on the bridge, and can be shared with emergency services, land-based facilities or nearby ships during an incident.

The company says it will initially target the offshore, energy and merchant shipping sectors with the service, though it expects other market sectors and use cases to develop over time, such as on cruise ships.

“If passengers were issued with In:Range technology upon boarding then the crew would always be able to find and assist them when required,” said Jon Roger Nesje, ScanReach CEO.

“The system can also be used as a simple, reliable and incredibly powerful platform for wireless data exchange. Equipment that gathers data, such as smart ropes or condition monitoring systems, can use In:Range to transmit data straight to the bridge, giving officers real-time insights and leading to safer, more effective and efficient operations.”

“This can be used as the cornerstone of smart ships – it can empower the shipping industry of tomorrow.”

In:Range has already begun testing and aims to have completed pilot programmes on a number of vessels, including North Sea Shipping’s North Sea Giant, before its official launch at the end of 2018.

In the interests of privacy, the system’s default setting is set to ‘sleep’, activating in a range of situations such as when alarms are sounded, the wearer presses a button, or movements are made that indicate distress.{/mprestriction}

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