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Weathernews develops Navigation Assessment & Routeing service

Weathernews has developed a Navigation Assessment & Routeing (NAR) service for the marine transport industry to help prevent grounding incidents.

The service is reportedly one of the first in the world that automatically detects and sends out notifications to shoreside operators/managers and related organisations on the risk of ship grounding. It automatically transmits alerts based on shipping route data when a ship is planning to or actually approaches or navigates towards high-risk areas like shallow waters or areas with fishing fleets, or when it drifts from a planned route.

Weathernews plans to launch this service in May 2021 and expects it to be adopted by shipowners and ship management companies, and by major international shipping companies located both in Japan and abroad.

In the future, Weathernews plans to add notifications for risks such as anchor dragging due to strong winds caused by the approach of tropical cyclones, and hull rocking during stormy weather. The company will also expand NAR to cover not only grounding risk, but also to support countermeasures against various passage risks, such as anchor dragging and hull rocking.

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