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Intellian launches Ku- to Ka-band upgradeable GX antenna

Intellian has launched a new Ku-band VSAT antenna which will be upgradable for use with Inmarsat Global Xpress Ka-Band after that service is launched.

The 1 meter, 3-Axis Ku-band v110GX antenna features an optimised Ku-/Ka-band antenna reflector and radome which the company says can be "easily" changed to be used with the Global Xpress service after Inmarsat’s I-5 Ka-band satellites are launched and operational in 2014.

The modular GX Conversion Kit includes the GX BUC/LNB assembly, GX Feed Assembly and GX ACU, incorporating the modem.

The pedestal and new mounting architecture have also been designed to support conversion to Ka-band by manually replacing the RF Module and Feedhorn inside the radome.

The GX BUC/LNB assembly is attached to the rear side of the reflector, with no requirement to re-balance the system.

Once the ACU is replaced and power is supplied, the system will be immediately ready and operational for the Global Xpress service. A gyro-free satellite search function enables the v110GX to acquire and lock onto the satellite without requiring separate input from the ship’s gyro-compass.

Intellian says that the entire conversion can be done in the field with minimal time and expense.

Intellian’s has also developed an antenna control program, based on its Antenna Remote Management System (ARMS) and Software Development Kit (SDK), to enable remote monitoring and control of the antenna, for service providers, operators and end users.

In addition, the v110GX is equipped with the Intellian Global PLL LNB as standard, which is capable of receiving all global Ku-band satellite signals by using programmable L.O. frequencies.

"We are extremely pleased to have Intellian as an official Global Xpress equipment manufacturer," said Frank Coles, president of Inmarsat Maritime.

"Their upgradable version of their current 1m Ku-Band antenna, combined with the development of native Ka-Band 60cm and 1m antennas, provides maritime customers with choices today and in the future."

The v110GX will be commercially available from July 2012.

This is the second upgradeable Ku- to Ka-band antenna announced for the Global Xpress service, with Sea Tel’s 4012 system, announced in 2011, scheduled to be commercially available by the end of Q1 2012.

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