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Hybrid broadband for Scandinavia

Ancylus AB and Net1 have entered a strategic partnership in order to offer a hybrid broadband solution to the Scandinavian and Nordic maritime markets.

The hybrid offering will include Net1’s wireless broadband service to vessels operating close to Scandinavian shores (at a range of 50 – 60 Nautical miles) or in the region’s ports.

Once the vessels leave the reach of the wireless network the communication switches over to broadband via satellite, provided by Ancylus.

The companies say that this service is aimed at sectors like short sea trade, the fishing industry, offshore projects, and other marine activities in the region.

“At a time when the shipping industry is suffering from an economic down-turn, we are happy to help their businesses by substantially lowering the communication costs,” says Ulf Harderup, CEO of Ancylus.

“The shipping industry is increasingly getting dependent on high speed internet and voice, both for business and for leisure. By introducing the hybrid solution we are both increasing the data speeds and decreasing the costs.”

Net 1 uses the NMT 450 frequency and covers approximately 95 per cent of Sweden's land area, reaching up to 120 kilometres from the coastline.

The network is supplied by Ericsson and state Teracom operators.

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