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Over 2,000 on Boatracs BTConnect

Boatracs, a Californian satcom provider, has announced that over 2,000 vessels are now being managed with its BTConnect web-based vessel tracking and fleet management software.

BTConnect combines visual monitoring of vessel positions on an interactive map with location-based two-way messaging and reporting. It can be used with the OmniTRACS, KVH mini-VSAT and Iridium satellite networks.

Launched to the maritime industry in North America in early 2012, the fleet management platform introduced a shore-side user interface that is web-based for access to fleet-wide data from any computer, tablet or smart phone.

The shore-side software offers a single display that combines automated position reports with such features as route planning, map overlays, custom landmarks and historical vessel positions as well as two-way messages, logs and reports.

Positions are included on every ship-to-shore communication sent so fleet managers know what and where events occur. A notifications tool can automatically route messages and logs to designated departments: billing information can go to accounting while safety information goes to HSE and vessel information goes to engineering.

An optional vessel side application is available for captains to receive and send messages and logs to facilitate the collection of critical vessel data.

“The adoption rate of this new product has been tremendous,” said Irwin Rodrigues, president and CEO of Boatracs. “Signing up over 2,000 vessels in just over a year underlines the value users are receiving from BTConnect as a shore-side fleet management solution.”

“BTConnect is being used by maritime operations ranging from a single vessel to 100-plus vessel fleets and customer feedback has been outstanding on the ease of use and access to operational data, demonstrating the broad range and versatility of its features.”

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