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SkyFile upgrades

Astrium Services has upgraded its SkyFile Mail software, which is now available for all types of FleetBroadband terminals and compatible with tablets and smartphones.

SkyFile Mail v8.25 also allows for the anti-virus to be updated over the air.

The system features enhanced I4 device control, which, with the addition of JRC and Furuno connection capabilities, is now available for all types of FleetBroadband terminal.

This feature allows users to start the FleetBroadband connection and dial in directly from SkyFile Mail, so there is no need to keep the IP session open continuously, which reduces the risk of unwanted data usage.

The master can now set up three different types of connection, for instance with FleetBroadband as primary and other systems as backups. If he needs to switch to a back-up solution, SkyFile will alert him that it is not using the primary connection in case he needs to be aware that he might be using a more costly per MB service.

With the growing requirement for seafarers to use their own devices on board, the new version of SkyFile Mail has introduced tablet and smartphone compatibility. Crew and officers can now send and receive e-mail using their SkyFile account over the vessel’s Wi-Fi network.

In the previous version, the anti-virus required manual updates every three months. Now, a monthly automatic notification prompts the master to update the anti-virus software over the air.

“Because it is designed around the needs of maritime users, SkyFile Mail is an important tool for a large number of vessels using Astrium Services connectivity,” said Jean-Marc Duc, senior product manager messaging solutions.

“Development is on-going in line with our commitment to adding value to our connectivity services, so we are pleased to be able to enable these cost-saving and operational improvements in the latest version of SkyFile Mail.”

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