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Thuraya delivers MBB in Asia

Thuraya reports that it has completed the delivery of its Maritime Broadband (MBB) solution to an offshore company in South East Asia.

The system was installed on a vessel with an existing VSAT connection, which had been rendered unstable by unsettled weather in the Gulf of Thailand.

The Dubai-based satcom provider was contacted by its service partner Devor Technologies, concerning a company in South East Asia that operates more than 100 offshore vessels. The unnamed operator needed an alternative to its Ku-band VSAT to continue providing internet connection to an anchor handling tug supply vessel.

“The VSAT on board was affected by unpredictable weather in the Gulf of Thailand,” explained Kenny Koh, business development manager for Devor Technologies.

“The operator was obligated by their charter to provide high-speed internet connection and even though the speed was acceptable, the connection was not stable enough to connect to the shore.”

Devor Technologies suggested Thuraya Maritime Broadband (MBB), which provides L-band coverage over Asia, the Middle East and Europe and offers standard IP throughput at speeds of up to 444 kbps.

Devor arranged for priority shipping to the customer, and the MBB equipment – comprising the Thuraya IP terminal and Spacecom antenna – reached the vessel within a day, with Devor and Thuraya working on its immediate installation.

Thuraya says that the customer has reported 85-95 per cent signal strength with MBB and that the vessel hasn’t encountered any service disruption to date. It adds that the crew expressed satisfaction with the uplink and downlink speeds as well.

A senior representative from the maritime operator is quoted as saying: “We were also impressed by the low hardware cost, and Devor gave us the chance to test the system on board our vessel before making the outright purchase."

"That clearly showed the confidence Devor has in the product's performance and within a few days of usage, we were convinced that the Thuraya solution could deliver.”

Thuraya says that the customer has placed an order for a second terminal to support its business operations.

Kenny Koh, of Devor Technologies, said that other potential clients in the offshore maritime sector have also expressed interest in the Thuraya MBB solution.

“There was once a perception that Thuraya products were not designed for the maritime sector but solutions such as Thuraya MBB have proven to be suitable for a variety of other vessel types,” he said.

“What owners want is a product that is easy to install and configure, while giving them reliable throughput speeds. The Thuraya IP terminal is truly plug-and-play and the Thuraya’s congestion-free network ensures that we can always be confident that our clients will receive what they have invested in.”

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