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More Technip vessels on MTN

Deep Blue, a Technip vessel Deep Blue, a Technip vessel MTN

MTN Communications today announced that it has won a contract that more than doubles the number of Technip vessels it supplies with broadband connectivity.

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Technip is a French engineering company which carries out construction projects for the energy industry. Under the extended contract, MTN will provide communication solutions to vessels in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia.

"We have to complete many actions from our vessels while they are operational, such as critical project updates, 24-hour purchase requisitions back to shore, and live underwater video streaming," said Stuart Millar, IT director for Technip in the UK.

He explained that Technip needed to extend its onboard bandwidth and networks because of an increasing demand on its IT and communications systems.

Besides optimisation technologies, "MTN offers network management tools which help us design communications configurations for each project, yet are flexible so we can make changes when schedules shift or network demands vary," he said.

"A comprehensive dashboard of real-time and historical information is available to support better decision-making. This allows our focus to remain on execution of our subsea projects."

MTN says that Technip has access to live event streaming from vessels if its clients need to view progress on a project or if the headquarters need visibility of an emergency situation.

For crew welfare, Technip also provides voice, internet and TV services in accommodation cabins, as well as common areas.

"Our success with Technip is very important and is a reflection of our focus and ability to deliver highly-reliable broadband communications to the energy segment," said Chris Leber, executive vice president, commercial business development, MTN.

"We have worked hard to understand and respond to Technip's operational and crew connectivity requirements in the challenging environment of subsea operations."​


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