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Infinity 3000

The Plus is one of three Infinity variants The Plus is one of three Infinity variants

Navarino has announced that it has now passed the marker of having shipped 3,000 Infinity units, with the system having been launched four years ago, as it gets set to roll-out a major update to all of its users.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}Sales of the equipment are currently running at approximately 170 units per month through Navarino and its resellers, which the company says is a new record for the communications management platform.

Infinity comes in three versions, Standard, Infinity Plus and Infinity Cube. The Plus system includes additional remote access and virtualisation options on top of the Standard, while the Cube includes twin nodes that offer additional redundancy in an ‘active-active’ cluster environment.

“Sales of Infinity, Infinity Plus and Infinity Cube have been phenomenal, blowing past any previous product in our portfolio,” said Konstantinos Katsoulis, Navarino commercial director.

“Customers’ feedback is invaluable, and they let us know that they really appreciate the continuously updated, rich feature list for both business and crew welfare applications.”

Navarino says it will continue to invest in both the Infinity infrastructure and in its personnel as it seeks to further expand the service, and is currently in the process of preparing to roll-out a major update of the system, which will be provided free to all users.

The new features will include a file to e-mail/e-mail to file option, where the user can choose files or folders that can automatically generate an e-mail to be sent to an Infinity unit on board or on shore, as well as an address  book replication system that can connect to any LDAP server, such as MS Exchange, and collect all contacts for replication on company vessels.

The update will additionally allow different firewall rules to be implemented across multiple providers, with different firewall zones for each (such as VSAT/FleetBroadband/Wi-Fi), and will also offer the ability manage billing for crew calling on multiple networks – for example, charging one price for the crew to use the FleetBroadband voice service and another price for using Iridium.

Quality of Service levels will benefit from new options following the update, with the ability to tag traffic with different priority levels (low, medium, high and critical), while a new ‘VPN with restricted login period’ capability has been added so that approved third parties can gain access to a specific vessel for a single predefined time period.

This could, for example, allow an engine manufacturer to connect only on Monday from 13:00 to 15:00 for maintenance, with access revoked after that period has passed. This could also be set as a repeating rule, to allow the window of access to be every Monday or every first of the month.

The final addition is an ‘Areas of Interest’ feature, which allows the company to define geographical areas and specific actions to be taken when the vessel enters or leaves that location. This could be used, for example, to disable the crew internet network if the vessel enters pirate waters.

These new features will be pushed out to all Infinity units worldwide shortly.{/mprestriction}

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