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Intellian breaks 1m barrier on Ku to Ka convertible antennas

Intellian’s new v85NX Intellian’s new v85NX

Intellian has launched its first sub-metre Ku to Ka-band convertible maritime VSAT antenna, with the new 85cm Intellian v85NX able to switch between bands by changing the RF Assembly and Feed while maintaining the same dual-band reflector and radome.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}The v85NX supports current GEO constellations but has been designed to be compatible with future networks, such as new proposed LEO and MEO constellations, the company says.

Intellian says that its RF design has also substantially increased gain compared to existing 80cm class systems operating in the Ku band, and has several different BUC power options available, up to 25W, that provide a wider operational range than many other sub-1m-class antennas.

The system uses a modular component design to minimise the number of potential spares needed, with 13 common spare parts now adequate to fix most potential problems. The v85NX combines Tx, Rx and DC power into one coaxial cable, and the new radome design has a single external cable connection, combined with dynamic motor braking, so the radome no longer has to be removed during installation.

In related news, Intellian will also introduce a new Global Xpress terminal to its ‘1m and above’ range, adding the 1-metre GX100HP system, which has been designed with a higher power 10W GaN BUC option.

The increase in BUC power allows a higher level of bandwidth, with upload speeds of 5 Mbps and over 10 Mbps download capability on Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress service. The GX100HP can also be used in a dual antenna configuration using the recently launched Intellian GX Mediator to mitigate blockage from any vessel obstructions.

Intellian provides two conversion kits for its existing systems, the Ku to Ka GX HP Conversion Kit and the 10W HP Upgrade Kit. The Ku to Ka GX HP Conversion Kit can be used to convert an existing v100 to a GX100HP. The necessary 10W BUC Assembly, Ka feeder, and GX BDT are included.

The 10W HP Upgrade Kit can be used on an existing GX100 to swap out its BUC. The pre-assembled kit has everything necessary to easily convert a 5W BUC to a 10W BUC using four screws.

Alongside its new antennas Intellian has also upgraded its antenna management and control platform, AptusNX, which can be operated by plugging a laptop into the ACU without any need to download extra software.

The software includes an installation wizard with a step-by-step commissioning guide to complete setup, and provides enhanced diagnostic capabilities which can send an alert to the operator when predictive maintenance is required.{/mprestriction}

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    Intellian has launched the latest addition to its next generation GX range of antennas: the GX60NX, designed specifically and now type approved for use with Inmarsat’s Global Xpress Ka-band VSAT network.

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    Intellian has launched the next generation of its v240M dual-band 2.4m antenna and Intelligent Mediator. The new v240M Gen-II and Intelligent Mediator Gen-II enable auto-switching between C- and Ku-band communications, GEO and MEO satellite tracking, and management of up to eight antennas and modems.

  • Intellian’s v85NX antenna system gains Telenor Satellite Thor 7 type approval

    Intellian has announced that its v85NX antenna has earned type approval for Telenor Satellite’s Thor 7 Ka-band service, following successful sea trials.

    The v85NX, which is the first 85cm antenna to be certified on the Thor 7 network, will benefit from the same airtime pricing as 1m antennas. As service provision for smaller antennas is usually more expensive owing to their lower gain, this recognises the performance of the v85NX and makes it a competitive choice for customers looking for a compact design with low capital and operational expenditure.

    Offering up to 25 simultaneously active spot beams, the Thor 7 service is designed to provide optimal HTS Ka-band VSAT connectivity across Europe, covering busy shipping lanes in the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea, Baltic Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

    Jan Hetland, director, Data Service Division at Telenor Satellite, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Intellian’s v85NX antenna to our leading Thor 7 service. A satellite service providing high-powered performance for maritime applications requires premium hardware, and Intellian’s NX Series systems have a range of attributes which position them at the forefront of antenna technology, reflecting Telenor Satellite’s forward-looking service provision. We look forward to working together in delivering outstanding global communications to our loyal customers.”

    A major advantage of the RF design of NX Series antennas is that dual antennas, often employed to avoid the satellite being obstructed by vessel superstructure, may be easily configured thanks to the mediator built into the ACU. Before, a separate mediator unit was required. The antennas can be easily converted between Ku- and Ka-band by swapping out the centre-mounted RF assembly and feed, and there is also a range of BUC options – 5W and 10W for Ka-band and from 8W to 25W for Ku-band – which are interchangeable with no need to rebalance the system following their installation.

    Eric Sung, Intellian CEO, commented: “This certification from Telenor Satellite, and the competitive price bracket in which Telenor has placed the v85NX, underlines the performance and versatility of our NX Series antennas. New customers can purchase a v85NX antenna pre-configured for Ka-band off the shelf, while users who already own a v85NX antenna on a Ku-band network can easily convert it to Ka-band operation for use with Thor 7. We are delighted to join with Telenor in facilitating flexible, high-speed communications across Europe.”

    NX Series antennas are shipped pre-slung to facilitate installation, and the use of modular components common to the entire antenna range has cut the number of spare parts required by up to 40 per cent. This in turn simplifies maintenance, enhances reliability and brings about further cost savings for end users.

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