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Inmarsat launches dedicated IoT service

Inmarsat has launched a new Internet of Things (IoT) service called Fleet Data, which aims to simplify the collection and transmission of data from a ship’s onboard Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) and other vessel sensors, providing a platform for data analysis and optimisation of operations.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}Developed in partnership with VDR manufacturer Danelec Marine, Fleet Data will record and pre-process onboard data before uploading it to a central (Cloud-based) database equipped with a dashboard and Application Process Interface (API).

Ship owners and managers will then be able to leverage this infrastructure monritor real time vessel activities, linking in additional third party applications to monitor performance and fuel efficiency.

To enable the service, ships need to install a Vessel Remote Server (VRS) that Inmarsat says will be compatible with any VDR manufacturer’s equipment.

Available for both Fleet Xpress and FleetBroadband customers, Fleet Data is a bandwidth-inclusive service, meaning that data traffic is separated from the vessel’s own bandwidth package. The service has also been designed to be sensor agnostic, for connection of any type of additional compatible ship data source.

“Fleet Data will overcome key difficulties faced by those frustrated with the challenge of aggregating vessel data on board and getting it efficiently onshore,” said Stefano Poli, VP, business development, Inmarsat Maritime.

“It will allow ship operators and managers to access, control and exploit their own data, and/or to make that data available to selected third-party applications as required, via a secure platform that is fully scalable, fleet-wide.”

“Fleet Data can make data available either via a dashboard or via APIs. Data reports can be customised and modified, then sent back as a configuration file to update the Fleet Data equipment software on board.”

Inmarsat says that trials of the new service are due for completion by the end of September aboard two ships operated by an unnamed ship manager, which have been verifying performance over a six-month period by relaying data collected through fuel optimisation software.

Laboratory tests with other applications to run over Fleet Data, such as ECDIS chart updates on FleetBroadband, are also underway in Ålesund, Norway, the home of Inmarsat’s research and development centre for the commercial maritime sector.{/mprestriction}

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