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Dualog adds Protect to cyber services

Norway-based Dualog has launched a new service that aims to protect vessels and their onboard IT systems before a cyber-attack occurs, by ensuring that malware and unwanted data traffic is blocked at the DNS-level.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}Dualog Protect blocks ransomware, trojans and phishing attempts as well as preventing ‘command-and-control call-backs’ and data exfiltration. By operating at the DNS-level the service protects all computers and devices attached to all onboard networks.

In addition to improving cyber security, Protect can also filter traffic for domains and services according to company policies, by allowing or blocking specific domains or URLs. This works on all protocols, websites and apps, without breaking data encryption, the company says.

“Vessel owners and operators need to address these issues quickly to avoid being an easy target. Effective incident management policies and processes improve resilience and reduce impact in case of an incident,” said Geir-Inge Jensen, Operations Manager at Dualog.

“Dualog can help mitigate these risks and help shipping companies ensure the benefits of digitalisation and increased connectivity are not lost.”

Dualog servers handled a total of 180 Terabytes of data during the fourth quarter of 2018, and a  total of 28,119,029 e-mails were scanned for viruses and other threats. Some 13,386,302 e-mails were rejected because they were identified as part of large-scale spam attacks, while 149,104 were phishing e-mails with links to unsecure websites. A total of 142,917 viruses or malware were detected and stopped.{/mprestriction}

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