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Virtual Maritime Services launches GSM On Board connectivity solution

Piraeus-based Virtual Maritime Services (VMS SA) has launched a new service to provide commercial vessels with a high-speed connectivity, voice and data service technology with IoT capabilities.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"} The service, GSM On Board, sets out to make maritime communications reliable, cost effective and more accessible for seafarers and office. GSM on Board includes voice calls (inbound & outbound), voicemails, SMS messages, notifications and data. GSM On Board provides one communication service for the globe (sea & shore), with multiple advantages such as privacy when making calls in personal quarters, convenience due to using personal cell phones, and flexibility when multiple crew are making calls at the same time.

The connectivity of the hardware system is plug and play for easy installation and operation. Installation assistance is also provided with every device. Services are available only to users of International SIM cards provided by VMS RoamFree or its partner distributors.

Sensors can also be connected on the internal GSM platform to enhance data availability and decision making.

According to VMA SA, the service offers a low rate service that requires no investment and returns fast in crew and business welfare.

VMS RoamFree GSM Global Communication Service also provides clients with a life time european mobile number for global coverage, that is compatible with any generic GSM mobile device. Currently the land service is available globally, providing free incoming calls in over 135 countries.

VMS 2 dec 19

With VMS RoamFree, the GSM On Board service offers the seafarer or the officer a GSM cell phone onboard while vessel is in the ocean. This is achieved utilising existing Inmarsat FX or KU VSAT services established on the vessel, along with GSM base station terminals, provided by VMS RoamFree in order to produce local GSM coverage.

VMS roamfree GSM On Board service provides: 

  • Voice calls (inbound and outbound)
  • Voicemail
  • SMS messages (outbound and inbound)
  • SMS notifications
  • Data service (on board and on shore)
  • One Communication service for the GLOBE, sea & shore
  • Privacy when making calls in personal quarters
  • Convenience of using a personal communication device
  • Flexibility when multiple crew members make calls at the same time


Key benefits include:  

  • Cost effective – Low investment cost for crew welfare
  • Cost certainty – crew members are charged directly for their usage
  • Separate yet parallel bridge and crew calling - commercial and crew calls use the same satellite connection without any interference
  • Improved productivity – instant, easy access to people and information  {/mprestriction} 

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