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Satcom Global and AnsuR Technologies partner to deliver visual communications tech

Satcom Global has announced a strategic partnership with software specialist AnsuR Technologies (AnsuR). The collaboration will enable Satcom Global to support its maritime and remote-land based communications customers with access to innovative visual technology.

AnsuR develops software solutions for use in challenging environments, supporting optimised and cost-effective transmission of important and often vital, visual information over satellite communications, without compromising on quality or precision.

ASIGN is an interactive tool which enables users to send photos and video clips in a quick, bandwidth-efficient way. The sender and receiver can interact with each other to get the optimum visual detail and resolution required, without overuse or overspend on data transfer. ASMIRA is a customisable streaming video solution designed for use over satellite, enabling quality live video with a data speed connection of just 200kbps or lower.

Paul Gudonis, chief strategy officer at AnsuR said:“Photo and video communication can make a significant impact on decision making, especially when influencers and decision makers are not co-located with the operator. The maritime sector presents some of the harshest working conditions on the planet, often with very limited access to connectivity for the operator. Together with Satcom Global we aim to improve safety, working practices and operational efficiency through the delivery of visual communication solutions to maritime and land-based customers.”

Alex Stewart, chief operating officer at Satcom Global said: “The expertise of AnsuR combined with Satcom Global’s communications experience is enabling us to bring a bandwidth-efficient visual communications tool to our customers, helping them meet a range of challenges in the diverse environments in which they operate. We are already exploring exciting applications with customers in the commercial fishing sector, which will undoubtably benefit their operations.”

Satcom Global envisages varied maritime application of AnsuR technologies integrated with satcom solutions for shipping, oil and gas, and fishing industry vessels, providing efficient image and video-based tools to support key activities onboard involving maintenance, safety and security, remote inspection, and monitoring.

The solutions will also deliver effective remote visual communications for a range of land-based sectors operating remotely, or in disaster and emergency scenarios where effective and reliable communications is critical.

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