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IEC Telecom and Ekinops deliver portable satellite communication solution

OneGate is powered by the Ekinops Open Virtualization Platform (OVP). Pictured is the OVP4xx series OneGate is powered by the Ekinops Open Virtualization Platform (OVP). Pictured is the OVP4xx series

IEC Telecom Group has teamed up with supplier of optical transport equipment and router solutions for network operators Ekinops to launch OneGate Compact, a lightweight and portable plug-and-play solution that provides communications functions for both terrestrial and maritime applications.

OneGate Compact, purpose built for performance in tight spaces, seamlessly reroutes available bandwidth to essential processes to ensure vital communications remain online, whatever the circumstances.

The hybrid satellite and GSM solution also supports the continuity of governmental and business operations in rural areas, enabling applications such as connected cars for first responders, telemedical support for doctors in remote areas, and mobile offices for public services such as e-banking and e-Learning.

Powered by the Ekinops Open Virtualisation Platform (OVP), OneGate Compact delivers vital digitalisation and network optimisation capabilities to regions with unstable infrastructure, such as field mission teams, and small and medium-sized maritime vessels. Operating from a digital environment, the solution is equipped with bandwidth optimisation and advanced filtration tools to offer a VSAT-like experience over a Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) terminal. Together, the technologies enable full connectivity in the most inaccessible areas while reducing the need for onsite staff and hardware updates.

Operating on Ekinops' OVP also enables the creation of value-added hybrid WAN services as needed, including video conferencing, remote maintenance, telemedicine and reliable file transfers. The solution has been particularly well received by the offshore sector. Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) operators report that virtualisation of telecommunication services offered by OneGate Compact helped them to improve performance of their fleets and significantly increased visibility over maritime operations at the drilling site.

"Offering affordable and reliable digitalisation for niche and underserved sectors sits at the heart of what we do," said Nabil Ben Soussia, VP Maritime, IEC Telecom Group. "Following the success of the original OneGate network management system, we partnered with Ekinops again to deliver this compact and portable version designed to make digitalisation accessible to an even wider range of customers working in remote areas. Whether a vessel is trapped in the middle of a storm or a mobile rescue team is on a mission in an area without comms infrastructure, OneGate Compact will maintain connections and protect vital operations."

Ekinops' OneAccess OVP platform has enabled OneGate Compact to be designed as an agile solution that can be updated and upgraded in the future without the need to replace the hardware. OneGate Compact is compatible with the requirements of all major satellite operators.

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