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A.M. Nomikos opts for Navarino’s new hybrid service

Athens-based ship management company A.M. Nomikos has chosen Navarino’s hybrid service 'Prodigy' to boost its maritime communications.

Prodigy combines Intelsat’s Flex Maritime capabilities with Iridium Certus. The service has been designed to make connectivity easier by offering straightforward packages that evolve together with the user’s application and connectivity needs.

IT director of A.M. Nomikos, Mr. Yiannis Sofianidis explained: “Our first thought went to the connectivity capabilities. The 24/7 connection between the office and the vessel is especially important, since our vessels are using so many digital products and file transfers are very quick to upload. Prodigy enables us to provide better remote support too as it offers a better and faster connection.

“Prodigy allows for a wider use of business applications that we were not able to previously execute through our Fleet Broadband service alone. With the current global pandemic and the maritime sector’s increasing focus on cybersecurity, the conventional method of sending files by email is no longer feasible.  VSAT offers the best, fastest, and safest alternative and has also helped us with the  creation of guidelines in accordance with IMO regulations which will assist  A.M.Nomikos T.W.M.A. SA,  particularly in the future as we move towards syncing multiple files with our vessels. In a similar line of thinking, the active connection between the office and the vessels, as well as some of our IP phones on the vessels will create a direct line to the company, ensuring all our communications will be synced and easily accessible.

“The installation of the Intellian antenna was a smooth and uncomplicated process, performed by our crew without any difficulties. Where we might encounter an obstacle, it is reassuring to know we can request advice from Navarino and receive assistance or suggestions immediately.”

Prodigy’s service also offers better opportunities for crew connectivity which Mr.  Sofianidis indicates is another option currently being investigated. “With the opportunities that Prodigy now gives us, we are considering upgrading our fleet to ensure that every crew member can have their own account and top up their connectivity credit.

“Overall, we are very happy with not only Prodigy’s service but also the speeds, stability, and opportunities it gives us.”

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