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Fleet Decision Support System launched by AWT

Applied Weather Technology (AWT) has launched its Fleet Decision Support System (FleetDSS), which aims to allow shipping companies to more easily manage a range of vessel voyage and performance data across entire fleets.

Ships are displayed in a Global Mercator projection map, and can be filtered according to a variety of parameters via a dashboard, to allow companies with large fleets to focus on the few vessels that need the most attention for safety or performance reasons.

Operators can view alerts when any issue comes up with the voyage, ensuring that their attention is focused where it is needed most. These alerts are customer-controlled and customisable to meet the needs of each specific voyage, and reports can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

Pro forma graphs allow the company to compare the vessel’s expected performance with its actual performance while en route, with alerts available to notify operators when a ship deviates from the pro forma voyage plan.

This can enable offices on shore to spot vessels that are over consuming fuel and address the problem during the voyage to minimise excessive consumption.

At the end of the voyage, operators can use a summary report to compare the ship’s performance with past voyages in a graphical display and compare vessels on the same trade run to each other and to their pro forma requirements.

In addition to the customised alerts, FleetDSS includes several safety alerts.

Operators can see alerts when there has been a recent pirate attack within the vicinity, if vessels are entering a war risk area, and if there are any hazards nearby.

Dangerous weather conditions such as rogue wave risk areas, iceberg areas, significant wave height or tropical cyclones can also be displayed.

CMA CGM has been the first company to use the new service, having been heavily involved in its development.

“Working with AWT's knowledgeable development team to customise the Fleet Decision Support System has been very rewarding,” said Captain Michel Cochennec, deputy director, Fleet Navigation Centre, CMA CGM.

“With FleetDSS, we can now compare actual vessel performance to our pro forma that results in quick, proactive management during the voyage. We can easily determine confidence levels of a route, and with the alarm dashboard we can assess risks such as pirate attacks in time to properly manage them.”

“Coupled with AWT's exceptional routing service, CMA CGM is better able to manage its fleet to improve efficiency and safety.”

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