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Fuel monitoring system

A new fuel monitoring system has been launched by Auramarine, a Finnish company.

The automatic system controls the change-over procedure between Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) and Marine Gas Oil (MGO) as well as allowing data reporting.

The Fuel Selector saves the data on the PLC Unit and converts it into a report for the use of the shipping company and relevant authorities. It allows the ship’s crew to monitor the process data in real time.

While automatic change-over processes are supported, the system can also be controlled manually.

Auramarine notes that with new tightened sulphur emission rules coming into effect in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the English Channel and North America in 2015, switching to MGO, which only contains 0.1 per cent sulphur, is an easy and fast way to meet these rules – but the switch must be done in such a manner that the lubrication of the ship’s engines is ensured in every phase.

Auramarine has released three equipment units, which it says can be integrated with any heavy fuel oil feeding system, whether newbuild or retrofit: FO Supply unit, MGO Cooling System, and Fuel Selector.

The cooling system reduces MGO’s temperature and increases viscosity to a level that meets the requirements set by the engine manufacturer, while the Fuel Selector makes it possible to programme the change-over procedure from one fuel to another to take place fully automatically.

Auramarine says that the system also ensures that the temperature change process is slow enough. The temperature of the fuel entering the engine must not change by more than about 2 degrees C per minute.

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