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Kongsberg Information Management System on Allure

Kongsberg Information Management System on Allure PHOTO: Zache

Kongsberg Maritime today reported that Royal Caribbean has installed its new data management system KIMS (Kongsberg Information Management System) on board the Allure of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship.

KIMS features a suite of applications within a single web portal providing engineers and management with vessel data which can be used to reduce fuel consumption or improve condition-based maintenance.

KIMS was installed during an upgrade to the existing Kongsberg Maritime K-Chief automation system on board. Kongsberg says that the new K-Chief on Allure is one of the most extensive it ever installed, consisting of 76 Remote Control Units (RCUs) controlling over 40,000 Input/Output (IO) points.

The new information management system replaces the existing K-Chief History Station. It will provide data from 21,000 I/O points (up from 14,500) and data storage for 7 years (up from 1 year). Kongsberg says that this provides Royal Caribbean with data and statistics with which to improve vessel operational performance.

The user interface, known as the IMS Portal, is available on board and on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL) office network in Miramar, Florida. KIMS data can also be accessed on board using tablets and is displayed on a large screen in the Engine Control Room.

Dragutin Radobuljac, chief electrical engineer on Allure of the Seas, said: “The Information Management System delivered to Allure is obviously a revolutionary upgrade in data storing and a handling application that has a significant influence on our day to day operation. It helps us to perform our daily duties and continue with smooth ship operation.”

KIMS provides the ability to review statistical data, condition-based monitoring, alarms and events, and ship performance monitoring data.

Condition-Based maintenance provides a long-term overview of equipment performance and mechanical degradation, which supports preventative maintenance. Alarms and Events provide the ability to review the most commonly repeating alarms and fix issues with equipment before they become emergencies.

Hans Ellingsen, manager, Information Management Systems at Kongsberg Maritime, said that fuel efficiency was a key driver behind the installation of KIMS.

“The Chief Engineer requested a report which would show how much fuel was being consumed since noon the previous day,” he said.

“The report includes all the heavy consumers as line items so the data can be used to help with decisions about which consumers should be kept running and consuming power and which may be shut off. Consequently, the vessel can be operated at a lower fuel cost.”

Kongsberg says that the KIMS solution on Allure is a triple redundant data access and storage system with servers located in three zones – two on board and one in a hosted cloud service. This configuration enables RCCL management to access the vessel’s data without having to use satellite communications, thereby saving on communication costs.

A malware protection system to filter out any malicious attacks from the web or via USB on board is included, whilst an admin server allows secure remote access to the vessel from authorised locations including the Kongsberg Maritime customer support team.

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