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Fouling data analysis system introduced

AkzoNobel’s marine coatings brand, International, has announced the launch of Intertrac Vision, a consultancy tool that provides predictions on the fuel and CO2 savings potential of fouling control coatings, prior to application.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}Intertrac Vision has taken over four years to develop, involving the company’s own scientists as well as academic and commercial research institutes, including the University College London Energy Institute, MARIN, Newcastle University and approximately 30 ship owners and operators worldwide.

The system uses studies carried out by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) on different hull forms in order to make predictions on the impact of fouling control coatings on the comparative powering requirements of a vessel, working from hundreds of thousands of datasets to predict the performance of a coating technology prior to application.

The Intertrac Vision tool will be available as a free consultancy service for ship owners and operators, processing individual vessel parameters inputted during a consultation and using proprietary algorithms and models to provide an assessment of the impact of each potential fouling control coating choice over the ship’s specified in-service period.

Outputs include the ship’s powering requirement, fuel oil consumption, fuel oil cost, CO2 emission predictions and a full cost benefit analysis when comparing different coatings and surface preparation options.

“When selecting the most effective hull coating technology for a vessel, having an accurate understanding of the return on investment prior to purchasing, is a key part of the decision making process,” said Michael Hindmarsh, project lead for Intertrac Vision.

“Hull coatings play a key role in a vessel’s profitability and sustainability due to the fuel and CO2 savings that can be delivered and ship owners want tangible proof of the benefit prior to application.”

“Through Intertrac Vision, we can bring a new level of transparency and choice to the industry, working with customers consultatively to ensure that the most effective and appropriate coatings solution is selected for each vessel within a fleet.”{/mprestriction}

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