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Pole Star enters the Cloud

UK-headquartered Pole Star has launched a new cloud application platform, with the long term aim of facilitating the creation of “a universal maritime ecosystem.”

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}The cloud application platform is built upon an API using enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, and will look to incorporate a range of services within a single infrastructure – from vessel tracking and SSAS management to maritime risk intelligence.

Use of a modular platform means customers can select and combine services to meet their needs, leaning on data sources including Jeppesen, Tidetech, IHS, Inmarsat, Airbus, Risk Intelligence and Orbcomm.

The system is accessible on any computer with a compatible browser, so there is no software to download or install, and runs on a scalable and redundant cloud-based architecture.

“We are immensely proud to unveil the new Pole Star platform,” said Peter Davies, chief technology and marketing officer at Pole Star.

“We’re launching the platform with three brand new services: Tracking; SSAS Management; and Risk Insight, a brand new service incorporating maritime risk intelligence from MaRisk by Risk Intelligence.”

“Customers on our new platform can also benefit from programmatic access via our RESTful API. Essentially, the Pole Star API gives our customers the freedom to extract, analyse and integrate all of the data that is available to them within Pole Star’s services, allowing them to connect their Pole Star account with their ERP or existing IT systems.”

The company says that the launch is the primary phase of a multi-phase migration strategy that will eventually see all Pole Star’s services combined on one platform.

“Underpinning everything we’ve developed is our brand new, open API. All of our new services, as well as future applications created by us and our trusted partners, will be developed on this common API,” said Julian Longson, managing director at Pole Star.

“All of these applications leverage one user interface, one code base and one data model to create a single platform for connecting the maritime ecosystem. This is the vision that drives our innovation – to become the 'open platform' for connecting the Internet of Things at sea.”

“The Pole Star platform blends the technologies that have enabled Pole Star to become a leader in both the vessel tracking, maritime regulatory compliance and risk management markets. The new capabilities we’ve developed are designed to ensure that our customers can turn their data into the actionable intelligence they need to increase operational efficiency, enable decision making and support compliance.”{/mprestriction}

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  • GTReplicate averts looming ship-shore data transfer bottleneck

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    With the quantity of data shared between vessels and shore-side teams increasing at an accelerating rate, personnel onboard and ashore are having to spend ever more time uploading, downloading and managing file transfers manually. As well as being tedious, such repetitive tasks increase error risks, with the potential for serious financial consequences if the data lost or overwritten is needed to verify compliance.

    Running on GTMaritime’s FastNet data transfer platform, GTReplicate provides a reliable and highly configurable automated alternative that reduces the growing administrative burden on fleet IT managers and frees up crew to use their time more constructively.

    GTReplicate is performance optimised for use in a marine environment. This means it operates across a variety of connectivity platforms, including 3G, 4G, L-band and VSAT, maximising throughput in each case. To further conserve bandwidth, GTReplicate monitors files intelligently, only sending on those that have changed since the last replication.

    Acknowledging the range of specialised software used on ships and the diversity of onboard network configurations between fleets, there are no artificially imposed limits on the type or size of file GTReplicate can handle. It also enables automated bi-directional transfer of selected files, folders, or entire folder structures with multiple mechanisms for maintaining total data integrity. Shore-side email can be used as both replication source and target.

    GTReplicate provides shore-based fleet IT managers with a central cloud-based dashboard for configuring and controlling every aspect of how replication takes place, without having to involve crew. Advanced options include ship-specific task creation as well as pre- and post-transfer processing for maximum flexibility.

    With a nod to an increasing need for stringent security auditing, GTReplicate comes complete with a full suite of notification, journaling and reporting functions as standard, ranging from basic timestamping to granular detail on execution status and files moved. Likewise, it features robust and flexible archiving functionalities.

    Mike McNally, global commercial director at GTMaritime, commented: “Shipowners are now embracing digitalisation as a low-overhead route to improved operational efficiency, but the growing information flow poses challenges for manual processes in ship-to-shore data transfer. GTMaritime created GTReplicate to provide a scalable, secure and highly configurable solution for automating file transfers and averting a data logjam.”

    FastNet is a multi-stream platform designed for today's data demands. Employing a variety of bandwidth management techniques, it optimises, secures and then transfers data packets according to business needs. It will form the core of all GTMaritime products going forward and can be made available to its customers for bespoke digitalisation projects.


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