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Wärtsilä expands Lifecycle solutions backed by data analysis

Wärtsilä has introduced a new set of marine agreement concepts with the launch of ‘Lifecycle solutions’, a package which aims to assist in managing the efficiency and performance of marine assets by combining advisory services with vessel data and digital tools.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}The Lifecycle range will be built around three concepts – Optimised maintenance, Optimised operations and Guaranteed asset performance – and will incorporate the ‘Wärtsilä Genius services’ technological support functions launched in November 2015, which offer real-time equipment monitoring.

The launch is an extension of the company’s existing agreements portfolio, where the ‘Optimised maintenance’ concept replaces two previous agreement packages, ‘Maintenance agreement’ and ‘Technical management agreement’. The other two elements, ‘Optimised operations’ and ‘Guaranteed asset performance’ are new concepts for the Wärtsilä agreements offering.

Guaranteed asset performance services will, as the name suggests, provide guaranteed operational reliability, with performance targets determined based on measured data that Wärtsilä can guarantee will be reached and maintained.

Measurable indicators could include, for example, availability, reliability and fuel consumption, with the agreed targets decided through automated key performance measurements, optimised maintenance and remote advisory input.

“Guaranteed asset performance is an innovative new solution,” said Tage Klockars, general manager, marine service agreements, Wärtsilä.

“With remote advisory, our customers in marine and offshore can get real-time support regardless of their location, and the remote service is complemented with on-board advisory. Condition monitoring and audits, together with a performance improvement plan, increase availability and reliability.”

“We are confident to offer this kind of a guarantee, because we know that Wärtsilä can deliver on its promise.”

Optimised operations offers real-time monitoring and advisory services to maximise efficiency, and provides a ship energy efficiency management plan (SEEMP) that follows the IMO guidelines.

On-board advisory service such as hull performance, engine efficiency or condition monitoring, combined with vessel audits and component condition evaluation, will be used to identify areas where performance can be enhanced. Ongoing evaluation and system efficiency upgrades will then be applied to create a cycle of continuous improvement.

Optimised maintenance involves planning and scheduling maintenance procedures to suit business operations, as well as providing remote operational and technical advisory as required.

“The marine business environment is moving from maintenance and servicing to more comprehensive optimisation of the customer’s business. Wärtsilä Genius services change online data into real-time on-board advisory and smart back office analytics that, in turn, can be refined into performance-improving advice about the asset operation,” said Mr Klockars.

“What we can measure, we can optimise and guarantee. By setting clear performance targets and guaranteeing that they are reached, we are making a unique customer promise.”{/mprestriction}

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    Remote monitoring of equipment and systems with Wärtsilä’s Smart Support Centre reduces the user’s involvement in maintenance issues. Image courtesy of Wärtsilä.

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  • Wärtsilä Translink certified compliant with latest DNV GL cybersecurity rules

    Wärtsilä has been awarded a DNV GL type-approval certificate and cybersecurity certification by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for its Translink solution, part of the company’s connected ECDIS concept.

    The cybersecurity verification has been issued according to the updated DNV GL rules and the internationally recognised standard for cybersecurity for bridge and navigation systems, IEC61162-460.

    Translink is a system that comprises the hardware, router, and software components. Together, they ensure that data can be encrypted as it is transmitted across the network using the latest protocols of cybersecurity. The certificates validate that the Translink Gateway has the key components in place to ensure secure operations. They also denote Wärtsilä’s commitment to developing cyber secure products in support of critical infrastructure and operations.

    Wärtsilä achieved the certification after in-depth analysis by DNV GL, verifying that the system follows best practices on cybersecurity. The product is type approved and ready to be applied for vessels with the DNV GL Cyber Secure Class Notation, while the IEC reference aligns it with the industry prerequisites, as well as any regulatory requirements.

    “Digitalisation offers more efficient and better ways of operating and designing vessel equipment, such as integrated voyage planning including the remote update of ECDIS charts. With a 3rd party cyber verification, vessel owners can take advantage of such new technologies with assurance that it follows best practice cyber security design. Wärtsilä Voyage has achieved the first Cyber Secure Type Approval using the updated February 2020 Type approval programme,” said Jarle Coll Blomhoff, group leader Cyber Safety & Security, DNV GL.

    “Great work has been done to ensure that Wärtsilä Translink not only complies, but sets the standard for ship-to-shore data exchange through secure channels. The full compliancy with IEC61162-460 and DNV GL Cyber Secure rules takes Wärtsilä Translink to an unprecedented level of security, quality and trust,” commented Anton Karelskiy, solution manager, Wärtsilä Voyage.

    Following more than ten years of experience in connecting ECDIS with implementation and certification of four generations of cybersecurity solutions, Translink provides a cyber secure gateway for Wärtsilä Navigation systems to the outside world, including for connecting ports or revolutionising voyage planning with the new Wärtsilä Navi-Planner.

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