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Caterpillar and SpecTec integrate on equipment monitoring

Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence has announced a new project with maritime software company SpecTec that will see the companies work together to integrate their applications, with the aim of optimising ship maintenance procedures.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}The goal is to make sure that unnecessary maintenance is deferred for shipboard equipment that is operating properly, and that potential issues for action are identified before a failure negatively impacts operations.

The combined integrated system from the two companies will include onboard sensor data that is automatically gathered and analysed by the Cat Asset Intelligence onboard predictive analytics platform, and then fed into SpecTec’s computerised maintenance management system, AMOS.

When component analytics indicate that action is required a work order can be automatically generated to initiate service, either at the next convenient time or immediately if necessary.

The companies say that they plan to make this available for propulsion and other critical onboard systems, covering both Cat and non-Caterpillar equipment.

Any service event that is triggered by Cat Asset Intelligence component monitoring through AMOS may also be flagged to the relevant classification society for inclusion in ship records, to reduce the risk of human error in reporting and to lower administrative costs.

“It is well-known that unnecessary maintenance can be detrimental to the long-term performance of components on board a vessel and that many failures are not strictly related to the passage of time or operating hours,” said Ken Krooner, Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence technology and operations manager.

“In fact, there have been several studies that have found that up to 80 per cent of equipment failures are not-time-based by nature and that a significant percentage of these are caused by human factors, including unnecessary interventions during inspections or maintenance of components that are operating perfectly well.”

“By implementing predictive analytics on the vessel with Cat Asset Intelligence, we are able to automatically and continuously analyse for random failures, along with degraded performance, and then notify ship’s crew immediately when those conditions begin to manifest themselves through their performance data. Furthermore, we can now automatically notify the crew, via AMOS work orders, to take action based on actual condition and help our customers transition to a more proactive operations and maintenance strategy rather than rely strictly on a time based strategy.”{/mprestriction}

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