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Eniram launches fleet performance monitoring

Instant access to the performance data is available via Fleet, Eniram’s cloud-based software interface Instant access to the performance data is available via Fleet, Eniram’s cloud-based software interface

Wärtsilä subsidiary Eniram has launched SkyLight, a new fleet performance monitoring service that collects data about a ship’s movements every five minutes to be sent via satellite to Eniram’s data centre.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}This data, together with the vessel’s noon reports, is combined with meteorological data, sea state and currents to model the vessel’s speed and fuel performance, and calculate fuel-speed curves.

The software keeps records of the ships’ performance, to be used for reporting, planning and cost optimisation.

“Access to fuel and speed performance data increases visibility and supports the optimisation of the vessel’s performance. This way, ship operators can manage their business more effectively,” said Jan Wilhelmsson, vice president commercial shipping at Eniram.

“Delivering performance monitoring through portable equipment as a service enables operators with shorter business cycles to get the benefits of advanced data analytics. As satellite connectivity is rapidly improving, this type of service is a natural first step in the utilisation of real-time data for fuel performance optimisation.”

SkyLight is a subscription-based service delivered with a portable two-way transponder that is attached to the rail of the ship by the crew. The shipping company can have instant access to the collected and analysed performance data via Fleet, Eniram’s cloud-based software interface. Reports are also sent in a PDF format.

“With opportunities created by connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT), we can provide intelligent sensors, integrated satellite communication and web-based analytics tools for optimising ship performance at cost levels never seen before. This, combined with the vast amount of data Eniram has collected over several years, brings cost savings to our customers and helps them to make the right business decisions,” added Mr Wilhelmsson.{/mprestriction}

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