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Mobile version of blending value calculator released

Maersk Fluid Technology (MFT) has upgraded its SEA-Mate Blending-on-Board Value Calculator to include a mobile optimised version, to allow users to evaluate the different potential lubricant costs with regard to their specific engine and running conditions in a variety of real life scenarios while on the move.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}The SEA-Mate Blending-on-Board (BOB) system enables the crew on board the vessel to blend an engine-specific fit-for-purpose cylinder lubricant with the optimal neutralisation and detergent properties.

The Value Calculator assess the impact of various different scenarios to generate a vessel-specific savings potential report. The report highlights potential cylinder oil savings, as well as energy and consumption savings related to having a continuous refreshment of the system oil.

Calculations are based on actual system and cylinder oil consumption and cost, for both main engine and auxiliary engines, and also includes an estimate for expected reduction of maintenance cost. The resulting report is e-mailed to the user’s inbox for further evaluation.

“By using the value calculator it is easy to see the potential cost savings achievable with the introduction of a BOB system,” said Sune Lilbaek, head of sales at Maersk Fluid Technology.

“With over 200 installations to date, we have proven it is possible to achieve lubrication at, or close to, the lowest allowed consumption of lubricant as specified by the engine manufacturer. This results in proven reductions of up to 40 per cent in 2-stroke engine cylinder oil consumption, as well as significant fuel and maintenance savings.”{/mprestriction}

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