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Energy Management System updated by Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce has launched the next generation of its Energy Management (EM) System, a data-driven performance management platform which collects and processes data from a multitude of sensors on the vessel to monitor the performance of an individual vessel or a fleet.

The system can be retrofitted and is customisable to specific customer requirements. It is suitable for a wide range of vessels, particularly those using large quantities of fuel.

Data sources include the engines, propulsion system, automation, deck machinery and other equipment. The data collected from frequent sampling is available on board and is encrypted before being transmitted to a secure Rolls-Royce-hosted web portal, where more detailed analysis and comparisons can be carried out. 

A Cloud-based access portal enables fleet operators to compare real-time and historical performance indicators and baseline analysis, with selected information displayed graphically. 

For example, fuel consumption and fuel consumption per nautical mile can be displayed, showing current levels against a baseline of historical data. Operators can see whether consumption is higher than needed for the conditions, and whether the number of engines running should be changed to bring the operating engines into the load range with the lowest specific fuel consumption.

“Golden Energy Offshore tell us that during trials of the Energy Management System on board two of their UT 776 CD PSVs they have demonstrated fuel savings up to 15 per cent. We were expecting a slightly lower figure, somewhere between 5 and 10 per cent,” said Marco Cristoforo Camporeale, Rolls-Royce, general manager, intelligent asset management.

Norwegian short sea shipping and logistics company NorLines has ordered the new EM System version for two vessels, the Kvitbjørn and Kvitnos, and it has also been installed on the newly delivered fishing vessel, Ramoen, as well as a Hurtigruten cruise ship.

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