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Port-IT introduces Orilla Lite

Port-IT has announced the launch of a slimmed down version of its Orilla Service, offering the same core features and benefits of Orilla, at a lower cost.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}Orilla Lite is a cost and time efficient solution for vessels that wish to improve the connectivity and cybersecurity onboard their vessels, without having to make large investments.

Orilla Lite provides enterprise level capabilities while minimising the hardware and installation cost, resulting in an efficient method in improving the management and cybersecurity features on any vessel. Orilla Lite has a core feature set containing two components: patch management and the remote desktop gateway. The patch management component of Orilla Lite allows the user to update and patch the Operating Systems and applications used onboard. The remote desktop gateway facilitates connecting to each vessel’s devices using a variety of standard network protocols, enabling better security and more control over all systems onboard.

Orilla Lite also makes use of an easy-to-understand web-portal to manage all functionalities, while no advanced management infrastructure is needed onboard the vessel to implement the Orilla Lite service.

Youri Hart, CEO, Port-IT, stated: “Port-IT continually strives to improve its services and products to fit customers’ needs. By listening closely to our customers, and staying updated on what’s happening in the industry, we have been able to translate market demands into the development of Orilla Lite. With the launch of this new Orilla package, we are able to offer a reliable computer environment to smaller shipping companies that already have invested in their own hardware, yet looking for ways to implement a solid cybersecurity and connectivity program on their pc’s onboard”.{/mprestriction}

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