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Greenland enhances safety at sea with Frequentis GMDSS

Postal and telecommunications provider TELE Greenland has chosen Frequentis to provide an integrated maritime control room solution for the Technical and Operator Centre in Aasiaat, Greenland to improve safety at sea. 

{mprestriction ids="1,2"} Greenland is an important shipping area but the impact of global warming, melting ice caps and rising sea levels means that efficient and reliable distress communication tools are essential to safe operations.

The Frequentis GMDSS has been added as a module for its integrated maritime control room solution MarTRX. MarTRX has been designed to simplify maritime control room operations, allowing the operator to quickly and easily sort through reams of information on an intuitive, web-based platform, saving time and supporting the decision-making process.

"We are pleased to be supporting Greenland with safely managing its seas. Ships are an important mode of transport, but the sea can be a dangerous place. Having the ability to speed up the time in which a distress call is logged and received by all required parties will help resolve incidents more quickly and save more lives.”, said Khashayar Saravandi-Rad, Frequentis vice president maritime.

The MarTRX solution in Aasiaat will consist of seven operator working positions, connecting approximately 248 radios (MF and VHF) through Frequentis’ IP-Interfaces.The system for Greenland will ensure search and rescue authorities onshore, ships in the immediate vicinity of a vessel, or person, will be rapidly alerted to a distress incident. The Frequentis system is also capable of transmitting voice messages, weather forecasts and navigation warnings on any selected HF transmitter/s and VHF transmitter/s in any combination from any operator workstation. The scope of the project also includes the Frequentis DIVOS recording and monitoring system as well as training for all TELE Greenland employees.

In addition to GMDSS the MarTRX solution can be customised to meet differing needs of the maritime industry, including coastal surveillance, and vessel traffic services. Roughly 25 individual modules are available for customers to select and add as they require. A Frequentis GMDSS is currently in use in 18 countries, including Canada and Australia, equating to over 30 per cent of the sea surface.{/mprestriction}

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