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TEDIVO upgrades vessel planning efficiency tool

The BAPLIE dashboard enables a 3D model view of the containers on the ship. Image courtesy of TEDIVO. The BAPLIE dashboard enables a 3D model view of the containers on the ship. Image courtesy of TEDIVO.

Web-based technology solutions provider TEDIVO has upgraded its flagship solution, BAPLIE Viewer Online, a tool to help the maritime industry visualise, analyse, and share onboard ship stowage data and container inventory. The refreshed solution includes new features and functionality to improve vessel planning efficiency, productivity, and security for individual users up to multi-facility organisations.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"} BAPLIE files, a type of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) message, are essential to ocean container transport since they contain complete data on a ship’s inventory, including container position and core attributes such as weight, hazard details, and refrigeration requirements. The BAPLIE file lets the next party in the supply chain know what pertinent cargo operations they need to complete, including what to load and discharge.

The newly redesigned BAPLIE Viewer Online solution introduces a host of new features to improve the visualisation and verification of BAPLIE data, allowing vessel planners, container terminal operators, stevedores and other stakeholders to work more efficiently and securely than ever before.

Key features include:

  • Enhanced User Management facilitates work groups and improves security within organisations, in addition to supporting operations across geographically diverse locations for organisations with multiple facilities
  • Sharing & Collaboration capabilities allow multiple users plus external guest users to work together and share critical information without needing to share the actual BAPLIE files, for better security, accuracy, and visibility
  • Operations Support including basic discharge, load and restow operations allows users to quickly and efficiently perform last minute changes along with day-to-day cargo moves for improved productivity; Detailed visualisation and notation of damage at both the container and ship level allow organisations to easily track and share damage details with relevant parties
  • A wide range of enhancements including industry-leading container and ship visualisations in both 2D and 3D, a dramatically improved user interface (UI) for interpreting and correcting stowage data, and significant reporting options to view operations at a glance and improve decision making.
    “BAPLIE Viewer Online has allowed us to gain better control over our data integrity and enabled us to provide a better handoff to the next port of call,” said Andy Black, technology manager, Crowley. “It has also improved our diagnostic ability to troubleshoot and turn around BAPLIE issues.”

“We’re long time users of BAPLIE Viewer Online at GCT Canada and recent adopters at GCT USA. We have always appreciated the fast turn around with ongoing suggestions and improvements, and today consider it a must-have tool for our vessel operations,” said Elaine McMillan, senior systems engineer, Global Container Terminals Canada. “This new relaunch makes it easier for us to manage users across all of our facilities, and we look forward to the opportunities provided by the new guest account capabilities.”

Robert Inchausti, formerly leading products at Navis and co-founder of XVELA, joined TEDIVO in early 2020. “BAPLIE Viewer is by far the easiest and most accessible tool for quickly viewing and analysing container stowage data,” he stated. “With this release, we’ve added new core features improving navigation, UI and analytical tools, along with administrative and management features that improve overall security and enable collaboration within work groups and across organisations. And we’ve made the solution even more affordable for individual users needing a simple tool to view and analyse BAPLIE files.”

“We’re very excited to introduce the new and improved BAPLIE Viewer Online solution to the industry,” said Mark Traynor, co-founder, TEDIVO. “We’ve developed the new features and functionality largely in response to valuable feedback provided by our active and engaged users, and we look forward to continuing to improve the solution to suit the evolving needs of our customers.”

The revamped solution is based on feedback collected from an extensive user base that has been growing steadily since BAPLIE Viewer Online was introduced in 2014. The tool has been used at over 1300 organisations in over 180 countries worldwide, with more than 55,000 files uploaded. This widespread adoption speaks to both the demand for cargo visibility by various stakeholders across the container supply chain and the ease of access to this data afforded by BAPLIE Viewer Online. {/mprestriction}

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