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White Paper: SCEDAS software solution for efficient crew planning

The SCEDAS software suite provides decision support for ship managers and the onboard crew The SCEDAS software suite provides decision support for ship managers and the onboard crew

The Fraunhofer Centre for Maritime Logistics and Services CML has published a new White Paper on its software solution SCEDAS.

SCEDAS is a solution that helps enable more efficient crew planning to improve administration, ship operations, maintenance tasks, regulation documentation, and efficient overall work schedules.  

The SCEDAS software suite offers individual support for short-term personnel deployment by determining and proposing mathematically optimised, detailed crew demands and deployment plans. It offers decision-making support for strategic management decisions as well as for dynamic crew scheduling onboard. Task-based time tracking onboard the vessels creates the required data foundation. This allows insightful data analysis, which enables the company-specific configuration of SCEDAS.

As reported in the White Paper, when it comes to safe and efficient ship operations, the crew can be considered as the crucial and most expensive enabler. Yet, reduced personnel resources on the ships give a rise to risks for shipping companies in the area of compliance, for example in observing the prescribed rest periods. In addition, large handling volumes and short lay times of merchant ships have led to an increased workload for the crew in recent decades. Changing conditions, combined with legal regulations and administrative burdens, make it difficult to assess personnel requirements on the basis of knowledge and experience alone.

The SCEDAS software suite addresses these challenges and provides decision support for ship managers and the onboard crew.

Various modules such as SCEDAS Timekeeper, SCEDAS Reporting, and SCEDAS Office and SCEDAS Onboard help shipping companies to make better decisions based on data.

Download the White Paper here to find out more.  

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