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Tinngata 8
  • Norway
Tel: +47 51 85 87 00


Operated by the Norwegian Hydro­graphic Service, PRIMAR is the first ever Regional ENC Coordination Centre (RENC) collecting data from an ever-increasing number of national hy­drographical offices around the world.

PRIMAR is a one-stop-shop for oper­ating safely at sea. The security of us­ing authorised official charts together with type-approved navigation systems helps prevent accidents and protects the maritime environment.


PRIMAR’s core aim is to make up-to-date official charts available to everyone through innovative solutions that best serve the end-users. This is achieved not only through close cooperation with hydrographic offices, but through the innovative technological collaboration with their global distributor network.


For successful operations at sea it is vital for all involved parties to see the same reality. PRIMAR’s database of charts with worldwide coverage is available through a number of user-friendly distributor solutions to seafarers and all players in the maritime community on a variety of platforms 24/7. Some of the innovative solutions are briefly described below.

Pay as You Sail (PAYS)

PRIMAR supports the Pay as You Sail (PAYS) solution where updated ENCs with world-wide coverage are passively stored on the navigation system. PAYS is a cost-effective and efficient solution that saves valuable time and money for shipping companies.

Update Tracker

The Update Tracker is a web based ENC update overview which enables you to view and track changes made since the last ENC update relevant to your portfolio.

Web Chart Service

The WMS service uses the content of updated ENC data to generate and deliver images of the data online to the end-user. No vector data is distributed, only images.Say you are a responsible for the activities of a ship thousands of miles away, by accessing PRIMAR’s WMS, the ENC images you see on your screen are identical to the data the captain sees on the ship’s navigation instrument.

Governmental Service

PRIMAR infrastructure services are available to cooperating hydrographic offices or their government organizations to support national requirements for ENC distribution services both for navigation and non-navigation.


  • Non-profit organisation operated by the Norwegian Hydrographic Service
  • All ENCs meet IMO’s SOLAS chart and carriage requirements.
  • World-wide consistent and reliable ENC database
  • Global distributor network
  • Provides ENCs to navies, marine pilots, coast guard, search and rescue, port control services, commercial shipping etc.




PRIMAR’s innovative and flexible solutions, tailored in close collaboration with their global network of distributors, give all players in the maritime field the freedom to choose the ENC platforms best suited for their needs.

Its benefits are undisputable across all sectors of the maritime industry from fisheries to oil and seismic operations, leisure, cruising, commercial shipping and search and rescue missions.

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