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Jeppesen — A Global Leader in Marine Information Solutions

Jeppesen, a Boeing company, is a world-leading provider of marine information solutions ranging from electronic navigational charts to fleet management to vessel and voyage optimization.

Jeppesen solutions and services are used by mariners and shore side managers to:

  • Enable safe and efficient navigation
  • Reduce fuel consumption and costs
  • Improve on-time performance
  • Optimize voyage planning and vessel routing
  • Reduce piracy risks
  • Enhance vessel performance and reliability
  • Reduce workload for bridge personnel


Jeppesen FleetManager helps shore side managers track ships, monitor arrival times and analyze each voyage to ensure the highest level of safety, efficiency and profitability.

  • Advanced vessel tracking (current status and planned route) on the global Jeppesen chart database
  • Status dashboard for consolidated vessel status across your entire fleet
  • Analysis of fuel consumption, schedule variance, severe weather and ship’s motion responses tracking
  • Pro Forma performance analysis for fuel, distance, speed, and time


Jeppesen Vessel and Voyage Optimization Solution (VVOS) allows mariners to monitor and adjust their voyages to arrive on time, minimize downtime, conserve fuel, avoid heavy weather damage and cargo loss, and ensure crew safety.

  • Automatically generates a full range of optimized routes for balancing trade-offs between ETA and fuel consumption
  • Optimize to minimum fuel speed plan for required arrival time
  • Comparison of VVOS optimal speed management to traditional strategies such as constant speed or "sprint and loiter"
  • Simulation tools facilitate analysis of any route using high-resolution forecast weather to weigh trade-offs among ETA, fuel consumption, ship motions, hull stresses, and weather and sea conditions


Jeppesen Professional Services Jeppesen is committed to providing our customers with the best maritime vessel routing services available today, including:

  • Precise vessel tracking and passage modeling
  • Accurate marine weather routing and ship guidance
  • Timely operational updates and voyage optimization


Jeppesen ENCs (Electronic Navigation Charts) are distributed in a compiled (SENC) format for quick downloading and updating of the chart databases onboard.  They are offered in a variety of licensing options to best suit the needs of specific vessels and your business which includes the innovative Jeppesen FlatFee solution.

  • Contains only official ENCs (Electronic Navigational Charts)Approved to meet the SOLAS carriage requirements and the ECDIS mandate.
  • Jeppesen is an authorized distributor of ENCs from Hydrographic Offices directly, and through Regional ENC Coordinating Centers (RENCs)
  • C-Routes – automatic route planning containing more than 6,200 ports and main routes between the ports


 Jeppesen Professional+

  • A worldwide vector chart database for use on navigation systems such as ECS
  • The chart sources are based on official charts (both paper charts and digital charts). These charts, produced by Jeppesen, should only be used as a navigational aid.
  • Worldwide temporary and preliminary notices – provides valid T&P NtMs published by Hydrographic Offices


Jeppesen NauticalManager and NauticalCatalog are tools to simplify and streamline how you manage nautical information


 Jeppesen NauticalManager

  • Streamline Your Chart Access, Licensing, and Route Updating with Jeppesen
  • In a few clicks, NauticalManager automatically provides you with a tailored route, chart licenses and necessary updates
  • NauticalManager guides you through the process of route planning, chart selection and ordering
  • 24/7 access to any marine chart including ENCs
  • Chart Database Management with option for automatic updates. Full control over ENC licenses and paper chart inventory
  • Access to Piracy incident information, Weather, oceanic currents, tropical cyclones and ice information when subscribed to
  • C-Routes – automatic route planning containing more than 6,200 ports and main routes between the ports
  • Generate ISM (International Safety Management)/Voyage plans documentation


Jeppesen NauticalCatalog

  • A tool for documenting a fleet ECDIS/ENC portfolio NauticalCatalog gives you a graphical view of available chart coverage (within a given product or database), ship portfolio and ship track if enabled
  • A tool for ordering ENCs and other Jeppesen data quickly on the Internet NauticalCatalog supports all major ECDIS route formats. You can auto-select charts for any route and calculate the aggregated cost
  • Has a manual route planning tool
  • You can view and edit your orders, save order history, filter and sort charts in the catalog by type, name, license type, or expiration date


 Jeppesen PiracyUpdate

  • Jeppesen PiracyUpdate is based on intelligence from the following recognized and authoritative sources on global sea piracy: The International Maritime Bureau’s Piracy Reporting Centre. The UKMTO (United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations). The Maritime Security Centre – Horn of Africa (EU naval forces). The United States Navy’s Office of Naval Intelligence. Leading news media and a wide network of independent sources
  • Displays the location of recent and historical pirate attacks world wide


Jeppesen Weather Service

  • Global Met-Ocean Parameters: Pressure, wind, temperature, dew point, clouds, and precipitation, as well as height, direction and period of total waves and swell
  • Additional Parameters: Current, sea water level, water temperature, ice concentration and satellite wind observations.
  • Astronomical water level and current vectors for all major ports
  • Tropical cyclone warnings shown as a map overlay, or integrated into the route planer; updated every 30 minutes if new info is available


Jeppesen FlatFee

  • FlatFee provides mariners with access to global ENCs. The Vessel will have the ENCs needed to be ECDIS-mandate compliant without creating a lot of extra work
  • The subscription is licensed and invoiced once a year
  • Customers can subscribe to world coverage or separate zones


Jeppesen DirectLicensing

  • The standard ENC licensing model initially launched by HOs and RENCs. Licenses can be applied in any combination of three-, six-, or 12-month durations


Jeppesen OpenENC

  • Pay as you sail, comply with the ECDIS mandate while paying only for the charts you use for navigation
  • Some countries do not permit the use of PAYS services. Paired with Jeppesen DynamicLicensing, OpenENC offers a seamless journey for your vessel regardless of country regulations.


Jeppesen DynamicLicensing

  • Pay-As-You-View service. Ensures immediate access to ENC licenses whenever they are needed, by panning and zooming on the screen or when navigating the vessel into a new ENC on the ECDIS


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