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Augustapolder 22
  • Netherlands
Tel: 31 10 260 00 41

Maritime ICT specialist

Port-IT trained ICT professionals understand the integration of computers and networking together with vessel communication equipment (Furuno, Thrane & Thrane, JRC, Skipper, Satlink etc.).

Our ICT specialists understand the Maritime needs and have a 100% success rate with the installation of Satellite terminals. We can advise and setup your computer network that meets your vessels’ requirements.

We are well trained with the installation of vessel E-Mail clients such as Amosconnect, Skyfile Mail, Telaurus, Globe Mail, GT mail and other E-Mail solutions. Some of our engineers were actually involved with the creation of AmosConnect, so we have a deep understanding of the underlaying techniques.

A 24/7 comprehensive onboard support service is offered, 365 days a year. A quick response service enables us that we can be on any vessel in our Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Antwerp harbors within short notice.

Product Line

Port-IT offers a selection of our own products designed for Maritime IT communication and protection. These are highly acclaimed solutions and are really becoming a household name in the Maritime industry.

  • Port-IT Antivirus

Our Flagship product, the number #1 Antivirus solution for the Maritime market and has become a household name. This unique Antivirus service, based on multiple award winning ESET NOD32 Antivirus, is customized for easy installation and updating on your vessels against very low costs.

It has small, incremental updates, that update automatically from a central point within the network. All updates are under strict Quality Assurance before being sent to the vessel.

Port-IT Antivirus comes with a specially designed Management Portal to manage the method and type of the updates for your vessels. It allows for shifting licenses between vessels, resending updates, reviewing past update sizes and even real-time status reviewing is possible.

  • Pebble Router

This least-cost router provides both Satellite (WAN) and 3G connectivity with an automatic failover to ensure the most efficient, maximum routing at the least cost.

The Pebble router is ideal for situations where connectivity is very important, but costs management as well.

  • NSDG Service

Near Shore Data Grid. That’s what it stands for and it’s a unique 3G GSM subscription that works hand-in-hand with the Pebble Router to provide seamless and effortless saving of data cost.

The NSDG service covers all mayor world ports at competitive rates, uncluding South Africa and 100% of Europe, UK, US and Asian Ports. A total of 135 countries in all. SIM-cards can be limited with data caps to allow a set max usage per month.

Case studies show that vessels stay for an average of 12 days each month in port or near shore. During this time savings can be easily achieved using the NSDG (and Pebble) service.

  • Crew Wifi Router

The latest cutting edge technology in Wi-FI Captive Portal management provides the best and most optimized Wi-Fi experience onboard a vessel. Using the narrow bandwith via Satcom, shipowners can provide Wi-Fi onboard a vessel of any size over the web. Easy, affordable and the flexibility to provide free or paid Wi-Fi services.

The Crew router is a plug and play device that does not require any configuration onboard. The registration is automatically done with Port-IT servers once connected to the SatCom. The router is organized as a self-service, and doesn’t need onboard administration.


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